How I Lost 5kg During 8 weeks of Covid Lockdown by Mentoring My Mind

How many of you have this complaint that ‘I am a little overweight’ or that ‘I am not fit enough,’ especially post delivery?

What I did not achieve by doing various things in 12 months, I could achieve in just 8 weeks. At the end of May 2020, 21 months postpartum, I finally got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and exceeded in being more fit. This was a goal I have been working on since more than 12 months ago. However, the minute I started taking framework-based actions, the bigger results came in just 8 weeks. Previously what was missing was not just actions but the framework and mental strength to adapt to that framework. Yes, you read it right. Our mental stability, rather mindset, can be strengthened and it is not rocket science. It is a very simple guided learning and practice. So with Mind Mentoring and framework-based actions, the desired results came so much faster. Even though it took just 8 weeks, I lost 21 months by not doing this earlier. Better late than never, I have saved another 21 months of no result by achieving this today. 

At the start of 2020, I was still 7kg heavier than I am now, and when Covid Lockdown started in April, I was still 5kg heavier than I am now. So what made me have such rapid results in such a short period of time?

Left: April 9 2020, Right: May 19 2020

I realised that my mind is stronger than my willpower and without appropriately harnessing the power of our minds, we give up 97% control of our mind to others. What that means is, without knowing, we are letting our minds be influenced, brainwashed and hijacked by other people most of the time. Now imagine if we take back most of that control of our mind ourselves what we would be able to achieve? This is how I learned about mastering and training my mind, which just means accessing the real power of my mind through Mind Mentoring. The important distinction, however, is that there is a difference between controlling and mentoring. Control is of course the power of influence but mentoring is a process that actually helps me because I am able to make appropriate decisions that are grounded, not guided by emotions, and align to producing a result I want. 

Back in July 2019, before my baby turned 1, I hired a personal trainer. As you can see, I had been taking action since almost a year ago and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the instruction and program of the personal trainer. It certainly helped me to kickstart things; however, my weight barely budged. See, what was truly missing was that mental strength.

The process to begin mentoring my mind took extensive yet simple groundwork and laying of the foundation to declutter my mind, which prepared me with clarity and ensured that there was nothing between me and my goal. Once I was able to understand and learn the process, I seamlessly applied the techniques in my day to day, I started experiencing the desired changes rapidly, which in turn produced massive results in a short period of time. 

The most important point is that I’ve always known the ‘how tos’ and the science of weight loss. Don’t we all? It’s very simple. More calories burnt than calories consumed. We all know that moving your body and eating clean is the formula to lose weight. But then why don’t we all achieve our weight loss goals? Why are there a million and one different diet fads and weight loss programs while there are still millions of overweight and obese people out there? The simple truth is, it’s not a lack of knowledge that prevents people from achieving their desired results. It is actually the lack of an appropriate environment that supports people in creating results for themselves. The first part of that environment is your own mind and mentoring your mind to be purpose-based and outcome-based, to use your intelligence and take the appropriate action that is required. It’s actually very simple once you understand how your mind works and the power of harnessing it.

Have you ever been in front of a gorgeous looking cheesecake conflicted whether or not to eat it? And you experience the guilt of eating that cheesecake and breaking your commitment to eating clean. Or you experience the guilt of not being able to eat what you like. But what if I say that using KrishVi Mind Mentoring you can strike a balance between these 2 polarising decisions?

Have you ever felt conflicted when the alarm rings in the morning and you are in between snoozing or deciding to go for that run? You feel guilty for hitting that snooze button. Or if you choose to run, you have this feeling that you missed out on sleep and feel tired. That is when KrishVi Mind Mentoring came and specifically helped me to strike a balance between these 2.

What’s easy to do is also easy not to do. The idea of moving your body every day and eating clean may be simple but it sure as hell ain’t easy to do, especially every single day. I’m not a morning person or so I kept telling myself. In any case, I did have a hard time waking up early and getting myself to exercise. However, with the ability to mentor my mind and an associated framework which kept me in check without fail, I got up and got myself out for a run and exercise every single day (with less than a handful of days without exercise during this entire Covid Lockdown period) and I did this without a regret and without the feeling that I had less sleep and that I was tired. Mind Mentoring helped me energise, sleep peacefully and to better manage my stress and anxiety levels.

Obviously this level of commitment and discipline have paid off. When you take that framework-based actions you get massive results. 5kg down, inches off my entire body, 1-2 dress sizes down: these are only the visible results. 

I went from struggling to run even 2km at the start of April 2020 to running a 10km at 6’32″/km on May 24 2020 and running 5km several days a week

What’s been even more impactful to my overall health and wellbeing have been the increase of energy and significantly improved sleep quality. I used to feel tired after lunch or experience that ‘afternoon crash’ around 4/5pm but now I don’t feel that energy dip and lethargy. I also used to often have aches and pains like a nagging headache and a stiff neck and back. However, the combination of exercise and eating clean in a mindful way has allowed my body to balance the sugar levels better and with the body nourished and well rested, energy is sustained throughout the day and joint mobility has improved. On top of that, I also experience greater mental clarity, which has translated into a 100% increase in productivity: the most fruitful outcome for me. What this increase in productivity means is more income (yes, more dollars!) and accelerated growth in my businesses. Don’t we all women deserve this? More time, more money and a faster growth?

Last but not least, my self confidence along with my self talk has improved. Overall I am more inspired, which means I am more motivated, and this is a great cycle that leads to more action. That is why I have concluded that health, wellbeing and fitness is the foundation for everything else. When your mind and body are functioning at an optimum level, you have the inspiration to align everything else in your life. When you mentor your mind and get your body moving regularly, your overall anxiety and stress levels come down, and the benefits of this are multifold. Through my fitness journey, I’ve been able to move the other important areas of my life, finances, career and self. And I’m only beginning to reap all of the benefits. What made me get this result is I decided that I need this. And it is not a want. Now it’s time to ask yourself this question, ‘do you need this?’ Either you lose the weight or you lose the fight, the choice is within you.

If this post has added any value to you, I’d love to connect and welcome your comments or questions.

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