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“There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that’s less than the one you’re capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Entrepreneurship was always on the cards for Christina but motherhood paved the way for it to crystallise when she realised the challenges of parents to access quality holistic enrichment for their kids.

ClassBubs is the new curated platform that will be the parents’ go-to place for all things related to their kids’ enrichment, entertainment, holistic development and wellbeing. ClassBubs allows parents to discover, book and review their kids’ extra-curricular classes conveniently all on one app. ClassBubs’ vision is to nurture today’s kids to be the next generation of happy, confident, empowered adults.

Christina envisions innovating the way parents look at education & enrichment by creating an ecosystem for holistic & alternate education. She wants to empower families to take charge and curate their own children’s educational experiences, and ClassBubs is helping her reach more families around the globe.

Christina is also a firm believer that 21st century mothers can design a true work-life integration that works for their lifestyles and embodies their values. She advocates for mothers to have this integration where they can have thriving careers (whether it’s in corporate or running their own businesses) while also having a beautiful motherhood experience.

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The positive impact Christina has had on my life has been rapid. From day 1 of meeting her I was inspired… she has helped point me in the right direction to really invest in improving myself.

Ruth Moran, Senior Consultant in Recruitment

Christina is an awesome human being! She is a natural at understanding what one needs… I am so grateful for Christina’s encouragement, support and guidance.

Reshma Shekar, Marketing Leader, Wellbeing Advocate, Entrepreneur

About Me

I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur who’s turned my interests for art, education and personal development into a business reality. In 2021, I founded ClassBubs with the aspiration to bring a whole new world of learning and development for kids and parents worldwide.

As a woman have you ever felt sick and tired of being sick and tired? I felt like I wasn’t developing and reaching my fullest potential in my personal & professional lives, at the same time I didn’t feel like I was being the ‘full-time mother’ I always wanted to be. That is when I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. I created the belief that there is always a better way to live life. And that is when I decided I have to design my life.

Every time we want to do something new, where it starts and ends is in the cycle of trial and error. However, I decided to end this cycle. So I extended beyond the trial and error with structured learnings, which helped me to design a path to wake up every single morning excited, with full control of my time, free of mom guilt and creating abundance in every sense of the word as a mompreneur: an entrepreneur inside the mom who is also a mom inside the entrepreneur.

Now I spend my days as the mother I always wanted to be having the flexibility to be there for my daughter throughout the week while building my business & sharing my knowledge with moms and women who also want to design their lives in the way that they want to live and experience it.

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